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“Life does not consist mainly – or even largely – of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one’s mind.” - Mark Twain



About Melbourne Mindfulness Institute

The Melbourne Mindfulness Institute provides mindfulness training in a range of contexts enabling people to apply a mindfulness-based approach to daily life while improving their sense of well-being. Our approach uses Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT), developed by Dr Bruno Cayoun, University of Tasmania, Hobart http://www.mindfulness.net.au

MiCBT places a strong emphasis on developing both metacognitive awareness (ability to think about our thinking) AND interoceptive awareness (ability to notice what is happening in our bodies when we are thinking and reacting). MiCBT is a skillful integration of mindfulness training with contemporary evidence based approaches of western psychology.

Membership of this site is available to all who have undergone training in MiCBT whether in individual therapy, in a group or professional training.

About Us

Individual Therapy

MiCBT is used in individual therapy as well as in groups. Therapy typically takes 8-12 weeks but may require longer for complex problems. While dealing with their presenting problems clients learn to apply mindfulness skills to their own situation and are supported in developing their mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Group Training

This eight week program teaches mindfulness skills to facilitate heightened awareness of thinking patterns and body sensations which may contribute to the onset of depression or anxiety. Mindfulness based therapy has proved to be an effective treatment approach in many studies in both Europe and the US. Our own data shows that for participants completing the program depression, anxiety and stress scores improve signiticantly as do well-being and mindfulness scores.

Corporate Training

The Melbourne Mindfulness Institute offers development for leadership - (the mindful leader is an emotionally intelligent leader) and for general well-being. In our information overloaded working environments staff need skills to help them cope with the day to day stressors of corporate life.