July news and Mindfulness Research Update

As we move into the second half of the year and the weather is definitely wintery, now is a wonderful time to refresh your self care – keeping up with all your exercises – physical and mental. It is so easy to become sluggish and slothful – mentally and physically! So if your meditation practice has dropped off recently maybe consider making time for it. No time? challenge yourself to audit how much time you are on your phone each day – probably for many people this could be one of two hours a day. Perhaps you could reallocate some of that time to teaching yourself just to “be” – to spend time with your breath redirecting your wandering mind and being in charge of where your attention goes. Then scanning your body to notice arising sensations without any reaction – just noticing. If you have completed the MiCBT program you will know how transformational regular 30 minute practice sessions are – if you need a practice refresher come along on the 3rd Thursday of the month or do a Saturday afternoon of mindfulness – there is one coming up on Saturday July 29th. Or you may consider joining the Research Project – information below.

News of the Research project – we are ready to start the fist group which is very exciting and we are so grateful to the people who are volunteering to make this contribution to science. We need lots more volunteers – we are seeking people who are struggling with some level of anxiety, depression or stress or other psychological issues. There is no cost involved for participants will receive the 8 week MICBT Program and will be making a contribution into the scientific research into this exciting area. Please tell anyone your know who you think may benefit from the program.