Online Mindfulness-integrated CBT program – July start

We have been delivering our 8-week program over the last 12 years and many people have told us how much they benefited from it. We have recently researched the effectiveness of the program in a randomised controlled trial and we found that the participants who received the MiCBT program scored significantly better than the control group on measures of depression, anxiety and stress as well as flourishing.

We are delighted to be offering the 8-week MiCBT program as an online program starting on July 6th. The program provides a wonderful set of skills to help with stress, anxiety, low mood, impulsiveness and anger, as well as pain management and general mental well-being.

Just as we need to work at physical fitness, we also need to invest time and effort to develop mental fitness and agility. So we teach both the mental fitness exercises as well as the neuroscientific reasons for each component. And of course that means that participants will need to commit to the work!! If you or someone you know would benefit from this program go to the services page to apply.