Meditation sessions start again

As we launch into another new year, one that we hope will be easier than 2020, we are again offering our meditation sessions. These sessions (no cost) are designed to help support the maintenance of psychological well-being through the regular meditation practices you have learned through MiCBT.

In this age of many different applications of mindfulness, it is good to remember that the MiCBT practices focus on both thinking and body sensations. They are specially designed to maintain the ability to detach enough from thoughts to be able to recognise that they are simply thoughts – that we constantly generate thoughts and we can notice them without needing to allow them to capture all of the attention. We can let them pass. We learn that we can regulate where the attention goes and we use the breath as the attentional anchor. Through the body scanning meditations, we learn to have the same attitude toward body sensations – merely observing them without reacting to them. Many of the sensations arise because of the thoughts we entertain. We realise that they are simply sensations and that they can be observed without needing to escape from them because when we simply observe them we notice that they do change and fade away.

We look forward to seeing you at our sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.