Free MiCBT Meditation support on line

Many people’s movements are now restricted due to the COVID-19 virus and so they can’t attend our regular meditation sessions. In challenging times we can feel quite stressed, anxious and depressed; the external world suddenly feels difficult and threatening. However, our tendency to try to fix the external world by thinking about it is often counterproductive – while it makes sense to draw up some plans for managing; once we have the plans continuing to “worry” does not help – in fact, it makes things worse – because now we are creating internal distress with each set of worrisome thoughts.

Meditation is a fantastic antidote to intrusive “worrying” thinking. We learn to put our attention where WE choose – when we focus on the breath or on body sensations 100% then we cannot be attending to our worrying thoughts – we can only attend to one thing at a time (“multitasking” is actually moving our attention very rapidly from one thing to the next).

We are inviting you to attend meditation sessions online over the coming weeks. We will send out emails with the details. Facilitators are Sarah Francis and Boyd Cowley https: //

We are both psychologists and experienced long term meditators as well as being highly trained in MiCBT.


Here are the links: (Please be punctual – perhaps join 5-10 minutes before the start time and settle yourself)

Tuesday sessions8AM (facilitated by Boyd Cowley):

Friday sessions 1.00PM (facilitated bt Sarah Francis):

Looking forward to seeing you.