Mindfulness and well-being: programs in 2020

This could be a great time to set yourself up with anti-stress resilience tools for the new decade!

The first of our 8-week MiCBT programs will now commence on Tuesday 25th February – 6-8pm. There are still places available.

There are 8 face-to-face sessions of two hours and people develop a daily personal mindfulness practice. At each session, we first practice together and then discuss how the practice is going; both the positive events and the challenges that people experience during week by week home practice.  We learn about the neurobiology of stress and how mindfulness practices can assist us to make profound and lasting changes to our unhelpful habits. Additional individual support is also available to ensure that everyone feels fully supported.

This program has been offered each year for the last ten years with extremely positive feedback. We have conducted a recent randomised controlled trial through Monash University and preliminary results are showing that the participants in the program showed significant and enduring improvement in a range of both clinical and well-being measures compared to the control group who did not experience the program. Clinicians interested in learning how to teach this program can find information here: https://mindfulness.net.au/our-programs/the-foundation-course