Mindfulness Research – May Update

It is wonderful that we now have enough people who have volunteered for the mindfulness research trial to commence the first of the MiCBT groups we will be running. This is so exciting and I am looking forward to working with these groups over the next twelve months.

We need 120 volunteers in total so if you or someone you know may be interested in participating please pass on the details to them (flyer below). The program is aimed at those who are currently struggling with some level of stress, anxiety, depression, or perhaps attentional issues, pain or anger management (by the way that includes most people at some time in their lives!)

Why volunteer?

Participants will receive the MiCBT program (at no cost) and as well as gaining the wonderful benefits of skills taught in this sophisticated mindfulness program, they will be contributing to this fascinating area of scientific psychological research. MiCBT has a number of elements that distinguish it from other mindfulness based programs and it is proving to be a powerful therapy. This research will help to raise its profile among mindfulness therapies.

New developments in brain science help us to understand what changes occur in the brain as a result of the various meditation practices – and we are just at the beginning of this understanding… our project may provide a brick in this impressive wall of mindfulness research.

Here is the flyer:

MiCBT Research flyer

If you want to know more about some of the current mindfulness research efforts check out the work of some of the experts like Richie Davidson – there is an example below.