Mindfulness-integrated CBT Online Program

Apr 6, 2023News and Research

• Are you feeling you’ve lost direction, questioning how you’re living, worrying more than usual and feeling anxious – feeling stressed about the future?
• Are you noticing that you’re eating or drinking more than usual?
• Are you feeling an overall drop in your mood or losing patience with your loved ones?

About the program: The MiCBT program works work on the way that the mind works understanding how the brain and body work together and how to tame the wild wandering mind. We learn different types of meditation practices which allow us to observe the workings of our mind and body, manage reactivity and gain some peace of mind.

You will benefit from the structure of this program and your investment in time will help you to waste less time and energy in useless mind-wandering and worry including in your sleep!. And you will probably find that your relationships benefit from your work too.

The program has been running for over ten years and has a sound evidence base including our own research that demonstrates participants show significant reductions in anxiety, depression, stress and improvements in flourishing. Our study found that the gains were maintained after a six-month follow-up.

Please note:

The program requires that you are able to commit to regular (ideally 2x daily) meditation practice sessions at home during the 8 weeks of the program – practicing the exercises is VITAL! as this is where the change happens – in your mind!! If you think about physical fitness training you would not expect to get fit without showing up regularly at the gym and DOING the exercises! in the same way you can’t expect the mind to change without exercise!

Dr Sarah Francis has had a personal meditation practice for over 25 years and was taught MiCBT by Dr Bruno Cayoun, the program developer and is co-author of the Clinicians Handbook of MiCBT published in 2019. The results of Sarah’s research into the effectiveness on MiCBT are published in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Stressed? Low mood?

Eating or drinking too much? Impatient and snappy? Consider joining our MiCBT Program.