The Melbourne mindfulness institute offers services to organisations who are interested in incorporating mindfulness into their well-being programs

Below is an indication of the type of programs we offer and we can work with you to develop programs tailored to your needs. We can offer our services online. We have worked with many different organisations including: Cleminger, Ogilvy, Red Cross, Odecee, Department of Corrections, University of Melbourne, Organisation Development Australia

Leadership Development

The MMI offers programs in leadership development using mindfulness as a means of enhancing emotional intelligence through experiential exercises, mindful inquiry and socratic dialogue.

A mindful leader creates new and fresh approaches to the problems of organisational life and is not bound by previously formed rigid attitudes. The mindful leader embraces situations in the present, exploring them from several perspectives. By contrast a leader lacking in mindfulness relies rigidly on habitual ways of reacting based on past situations acting on “auto-pilot” much of the time.


Mindfulness skills enhance both collaborative ability and emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-regulation of one’s emotions as well as empathy with others – sensing others’ feelings and perceptions. These skills develop personal resilience, individual leadership capacity and collaborative ability enabling leaders to tap resources available throughout the organisation. Leaders will be better able to challenge assumptions, consider many viewpoints, deal with ambiguities and understand the connectedness of events. Mindfulness can be developed in a systematic way in an eight-week program.

The Mindful Leader Group Program

This program can be adapted to suit a variety of professional settings – training typically involves weekly sessions for eight weeks with home exercises a requirement. On completion of the program, participants will have increased their self awareness and ability to regulate their emotions; they will have improved insight into their  thinking patterns, will be more attuned to their habitual reactivity and will experience a more balanced approach to stressful situations.


The MMI offers coaching programs for leaders – providing mindfulness skills to enhance emotional intelligence, resilience and empathy and reduce reactivity.

Mindful Coaching

The coaching program requires a minimum of six fortnightly sessions. The first session is two hours and therafter sessions last for one hour.


The MMI offers mindfulness for well-being programs which can complement corporate well-being programs.

Mindfulness for stress free living

Classes can be delivered on site during work hours or at lunchtimes or after work. Typically, a mindfulness introductory program would be delivered over eight weeks for one hour a week enabling participants to learn and practice mindfulness skills in a supportive environment. Ongoing programs can be offered where there is sufficient demand.

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