Mitigating stress from lockdown cabin fever

Sep 12, 2021News and Research

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”
― Dr. Sukhraj Dhillon.

Over recent weeks we have been noticing an increased level of despondency as we continue to manage our lives in lockdown. The mindfulness skills that are acquired with MiCBT can be incredibly helpful. Our 8-week group program is now being offered online which means it is more widely accessible. The next program starts on October 5th.
The ability to remain equanimous (non-reactive) to those things that are beyond our control while maintaining compassion towards ourselves and to others is a wonderful skill. When we do this we cope with uncertainty and fear which have been hallmarks of the Covid pandemic. Non-reactive interoceptive awareness (awareness of body sensations) appears to be a crucial aspect of the change process; the process of accepting reality and having gratitude for the things that are still wonderous – like strawberries and sunsets. MiCBT emphasizes awareness of the internal landscape in a unique way with its particular meditations and examination of disruptive thinking patterns.

Stressed? Low mood?

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