Post-lockdown struggles – equanimity helps

Dec 5, 2021News and Research

Now that Melbourne is no longer in lockdown we are in an adjustment period. We are having to adjust to returning to work – often with significant changes to the workplace. Many of us have become used to being away from crowded places and transitioning back can be a challenge. Managing change is something that we humans are ambivalent about – on the one hand, we get bored easily and on the other hand, we get stuck in our habitual ways. A mindful approach to change can be helpful; allowing time to notice the internal messaging; tightness somewhere in the torso or neck and shoulders or face that happens when we are not at ease. And as we notice, kindly allowing ourselves to feel what we are feeling with interest as we slowly adjust to our new circumstances. Regular mindfulness meditation can be very helpful; helping us to let go of the worrying thinking and sit with the body messaging; developing equanimity.

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