Refresher MiCBT Program

Apr 6, 2023News and Research

4-week program to refresh skills and understanding of MiCBT

On completion of this program through active engagement with the mindfulness exercises participants will be able to:
• enhance their daily mindfulness skills
• refresh their understanding of the relationship between mental and physical experiences
• manage emotions and mood
• re-visit how mindfulness skills assist in changing habitual behavioural patterns
• have an enhanced sense of well-being

The program provides:

• four 60-minute group sessions
• Notes for each session – including audio tracks
• feedback and support with skilled facilitation by highly trained psychologist

This program requires a commitment to daily home exercise practice of mindfulness skill.

Facilitator: Dr Sarah Francis
Psychologist/Trainer: Dr Sarah Francis has had a personal meditation practice for over 25 years and was taught MiCBT by Dr Bruno Cayoun, and is co-author of the Clinicians Handbook of MiCBT published in 2019. Sarah has been delivering MiCBT group programs since 2009 both online and face-to-face with clients and individually in her private practice. Sarah has had a was inspired to conduct her own PhD research into the program’s effectiveness – study results are published here.

Stressed? Low mood?

Eating or drinking too much? Impatient and snappy? Consider joining our MiCBT Program.