Research demonstrate effectiveness of MiCBT

Jun 27, 2022News and Research

Our randomised controlled trial was able to show the effectiveness of group MiCBT in reducing psychological distress in a diverse group with varying levels of psychological discomfort.

The results were recently published in Frontiers in Psychiatry: https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyt.2022.815170

It was lovely to read what one of the participants said: “The changes it has made to my life are immeasurable”.

MiCBT works with the mental processes that cause and sustain mental distress including anxiety, depression, and stress. We found that equanimity was important; equanimity is described as having an even-minded approach to experience including thoughts and body sensations. The mindfulness practices in MiCBT are designed to help us to experience thoughts as just thoughts and sensations as just sensations and not to get hooked by them – to have an observing approach towards thoughts and sensations enabling some peace of mind and body. MiCBT also addresses the role of ethics and self-compassion in well-being.

While MiCBT is wonderful in the group format, groups do not suit everyone and when MiCBT is used in individual therapy we can take time to target specific issues. Individual MiCBT is often best when there are acute issues to be addressed.

Stressed? Low mood?

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