Strategies to mitigate against mental illness

Sep 20, 2022News and Research

We need to have strategies to mitigate against mental illness – after all, we mitigate the risk of dental ill health by regularly cleaning our teeth and getting dental check-ups. But many of us find that our lifestyles compromise our mental well-being and we’re not proactive.

MiCBT teaches skills that enable us to address some of the core processes that are common to health concerns such as depression, stress, anxiety, excessive anger, attention deficits, impacts of trauma, and pain management. Thinking distortions, and the inability to tolerate emotional distress are core processes that the MiCBT skillset addresses very effectively. Of course there is work involved – to extend the metaphor of dental health – you actually have to do the work of teeth cleaning and you have co commit to it regularly – or you’ll pay the price of unhealthy teeth and a world of potential pain!!

In MiCBT the work is following the specific MiCBT meditations and understanding the neurobiology of meditation and CBT.

We hope that our free meditations and the information on our site may be helpful and if you need more help please make an appointment.

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